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Permobil - Platinum Plus

Permobil founder Dr. Per Uddén believed that helping people achieve the greatest level of independence is a basic human right and, for over 50 years, Permobil has held fast to that belief. Here at Permobil, we take a personal approach to wheelchairs and seating systems. It means every product we create is inspired by the real lives of people with limited mobility.

It means each of our employees strives every day to solve the challenges of mobility, comfort and safety. Challenges our customers face every day.

And it means that, no matter what our customers are striving for, we’re there to support them, using the latest technologies and our own ingenuity. Why? Because we believe everyone has the right to the same standards.

For more information about our range of products including manual/power wheelchairs, seating and positioning products, power assist, along with our clinical resources see here:

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Sunrise Medical - Platinum

Improving people's lives is part of our DNA. Since 1983, we've pioneered the era of the high-performance wheelchair, challenged conventions and led innovation. Today, Sunrise Medical is one of the most globally well-known and recognisable industry leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of mobility products.

Our key products, marketed under the QuickieZippieBreezySterlingJAY and Breezy Everyday proprietary brands, are sold through a network of dealers or distributors in over 130 countries. Sunrise Medical headquarters is in Malsch, Germany with North American headquarters in Fresno, California, and employs 2,200 associates worldwide.

Our mission is simple, improve people’s lives by creating innovative, high-quality products.

Our customers always come first, we are committed to exceeding expectations and building relationships, providing individualised mobility solutions based upon their needs.

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Allied Medical - Platinum

Owned and operated in New Zealand, Allied Medical offers a wide selection of assistive technology including New Zealand’s largest collection of wheelchairs and powerchairs combined with a range of backs, seating, supports and accessories. Based in Auckland with team members in Hamilton, Hawke's Bay, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, Allied Medical’s vision is to empower New Zealanders with solutions to live their lives with dignity, no matter what.


Morton & Perry - Platinum

Morton & Perry is a private NZ company formed 25 years ago, with its primary goal ‘To make a difference’. “We like to challenge the Status Quo and always strive to add value to clients, therapists & contract stakeholders“.

Morton & Perry will present at Oceania: 

Meyra & TA Powerchairs: Manufactured and designed in Germany & Denmark. From Standups (Sky & TAiQ) to all terrain (Optimus 2 & RS), and everything in between. All chairs are inclusive of many power functions.

Vicair seating: The lower maintenance air cushion. With improved microclimate and 100% machine washable. Now also with improved user reach performance. 

Nxt back systems. Incl. the popular Xtend (height adjustable) backrest, offer the perfect fit & function.

Vela 700 Series NEW: Independence chair with enhanced seating options, including elevate. Providing indoor independence for those with limited mobility.

Our dedicated team are here to support you and your clients, we will provide you with the latest technology solutions. We do not compromise on quality and function.

C1 South - Gold

C1 South specialises in wheelchair seating and provides a range of quality, innovative products from around the world to promote functionindependence and choice for people with a disability. We provide the latest solutions and technology 'south' of the 'C1' (the top of the spine) to help improve the quality of life and overall well being for the end user.

Cubro - Gold

Cubro have been enhancing the quality of life for the elderly and disabled since 1983 by providing the latest innovative equipment solutions across communities, aged care facilities and the wider healthcare industry throughout New Zealand.

Built on a long history of customer-focused ethics and family values, we are committed to fostering a culture of care, supporting people with their mobility and independence.

We are a trusted healthcare supplier, backed by an extensive range of reputable equipment, and a strong, compassionate team.  We have more than 130 employees based throughout New Zealand with offices, service and distribution centres in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch.  We also offer our own dedicated freight, install and a qualified service and maintenance team.

Invacare - Gold

Today, Invacare is the global leader in the worldwide market for medical products and services used in the home. Invacare designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive line of innovative home and long-term care medical products and services that promote recovery and active lifestyles. The company has 5,400 associates and markets its products in approximately 80 countries around the world.


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Spex accomplishes what the seating clinician desires, and what the user needs. Distinguished by high standards of design and clinical evaluation, Spex delivers an uncompromising seating choice packed with clever advantages. The experience of working with Spex Seating provides a blend of form and function.

Spex is essentially made up of a powerful combination of attributes. For the clinician it transmutes wheelchair seating to a whole new level of providing for the wheelchair user’s specific postural characteristics. Certainly, one part of the Spex personality is about being adjustable and adaptable. After all, it has been created to meet the needs of the widest range of personal seating requirements.

You need options when it comes to seating? This is where Spex excels. Spex and Vigour ranges serve all spectrums of seated postures and personal need. Both Spex and Vigour have outstanding qualities and achieve equally notable postural benefits.

Please visit our website:



Our mission is ‘Shaping better lives’.

Medifab make a positive difference to lives of persons with a disability, therapists and carers globally by providing leading edge postural support solutions for a wide range of special needs.

We listen carefully to your needs and our team of experienced problem-solvers make it our prerogative to find a solution for your challenges.


  • SPEX modular wheelchair seating for all ages: Adaptable seating which installs onto any wheelchair base. Catering for all wheelchair users from basic needs to severely complex asymmetric body contours, SPEX provides on-the-spot results.
  • Shuttle Discovery Stroller for infants and young children: Discovery caters for very small children from six months of age upward, giving it a unique standpoint in the market. Achieve the best possible positioning for an infant or small child with special needs, while meeting the parents’ aesthetic values.

Please visit our websites:

MaxAbility Limited

Power Assist, Bespoke Chairs, Outdoor Mobility, Clothing for the Wheeled community.  We specialise in matching ease of use mobility products to often complex, unique as well as normal day to day situations.  Having been in the game for 15 years, we have built real life experience in putting together solutions, that ultimately sees the client accessing aspects of their life, which previously weren’t possible.  That’s what it is all about right!  Brendon and Scott

A1 Wheelchairs Services

Magic Mobility Seating and Positioning

Infinite options for infinite body shapes
Quality, superior, comfortable seating with more adjustable positions, less pressure points, less risk of injury, less jarring and discomfort.

Choose the following from an extensive catalogue of numerous standard options and positioning or customised solutions:

Power Seat Options          Adjustable Seat Pans         Seating          Backrests          Fabric Type
Joystick Positioning         Headrests & Mounts          Harness’s           Restraints          Seat Belts
Armrests        Arm pads         Leg rests        Footplates        Footplate Metal Edges & Covers Ankle   
Calf Supports         Knee Pads        Heel Loops         Straps        Pads       Thoracic Supports
Hip pads        Accessory Mounts        Abduction blocks…

Magic Mobility’s in-house engineering team are hands on, working side by side with customers and therapists to continuously develop and improve their products and designs with attention to detail. They know the small touches make a big difference.

Second Skin

Second Skin is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service delivery of custom made dynamic splints and orthoses for the management of children and adults with neurological conditions.  Our dynamic splints are prescribed for clients with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, cerebrovascular accident (CVA/stroke), autistic spectrum disorders and congenital abnormalities.  Each of our products is prescribed on an individual basis to meet our client's specific medical and therapeutic needs, in conjunction with their seating system, other equipment and therapy goals. 

Second Skin provides services in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand.

Wheel Adventures Ltd - OMEO Agent

If you are looking for adventure and more independence, the Omeo Mobility Device is the solution.   Wheel Adventures NZ is an Official Agent, Rider Trainer and Service Agent for Omeo Technology Ltd, in New Zealand. The Omeo is a two wheeled seated mobility device, utilising self-balancing technology. The Omeo travels over a wide range of different surfaces with ease, from inside to out, cruising up gravel roads and climbing hills, to riding on the beach. The Omeo was formerly known as the Ogo and was designed and built in New Zealand by Kevin Halsall.

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